“One of our area’s most talented traditional acts.”
Washington Post

“Don’t say you weren’t forewarned when these guys start showing up at High Sierra and kicking your asses.”
Kyndmusic: The 101 Report

“Fans of traditional music will wonder where this band has been all of their life…”
Village Records

“Fine harmonies as advertised, some clever wordplay and songwriting, and I really dig Marcy’s loose, bluesy fiddle…”
Dave Obermann, host of KUT‘s Folkways radio show
Austin, TX

“DMH splits the difference between the ethereal rubato of the old timey singers and the in-time clarity of classical and good rock singers. However you’re doing it, it’s really freaking cool…I’ll be putting it on my IPod immediately.”
John Owen, musician/historian
Salem, MA

“One of those CDs that you feel so happy and at peace listening to that you consider putting a collection plate beside the CD player and donating to the band every time you hit play.”
Jeni Hankins, singer/songwriter
Washington, DC

“Forever True … left me with goosebumps. I felt like I was at an old-time revival and a tavern…simultaneously.”
Litty Mathew, freelance writer
Los Angeles, CA

“Great Carter Family-style harmonies by 3 lovely and talented ladies and their fine acoustic band.”
JP McDermott, musician/songwriter
Silver Spring, MD

“These folks like to perform without any mikes or amps and, IMHO, this is the way their music really shines…If you haven’t been to a Dead Men’s Hollow performance, check out their web site for their schedule and GO.”
Bob Thompson
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Herndon, VA

“…They take traditional songs, add a bit of gospel, jazz and blues and with their wonderful up to 6 part harmonies with the result being their own “sound” called “Acoustic Americana.” You’ll hear a lot of original material at a Dead Men’s Hollow concert as well as some bluegrass and country standards… If you’ve heard them before, you know how great they are.”
Wayne Kahn, Right on Rhythm

“Sweet, harmonizing folk group mixes gospel, bluegrass and Appalachiana. You can drink a margarita at the bar and it will still feel like being in church.”
Joel Sparks, writer
OnTap Magazine
Arlington, VA

“Dead Men’s Hollow is neither dead nor hollow. The arrangements are crystal pure and unadorned so that each song stands out like a museum piece. Future generations will appreciate how each voice dovetails with the other voices. DMH is all about the song, not about the ego of any of the excellent singers.”
Ron Goad, percussionist/impresario/songwriter
Centreville, VA

“An urbane variation on bluegrass music, with a post-“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” twist… the group is fronted by three very talented singers, and the harmonies are splendid…”
BanjerDan, banjo player

“A great fresh sound…”
Sally Love, musician/songwriter

“Warning: Do not be deceived by the name of the group. Dead Men’s Hollow’s music is live and lively and o so powerful.”
Red Shipley, host of Stained Glass Bluegrass
WAMU 88.5 FM
Washington, DC

“Magical harmonies that command full attention. DMH is a tremendous force of acoustic nature!”
Linda Lookadoo
Best bluegrass promoter/supporter in Maryland