Released: Sept. 12, 2006

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With this CD, expand our repertoire beyond old-time country, bluegrass, southern gospel, fiddle tunes and country blues. On “Two-Timin'” listeners will hear western swing, a capella, honky tonk and even a baroque lullaby.

Track Listing:

1. Cuckoo [traditional] 3:27
2. Grandma Was a Cropduster [B. Peirce] 2:48
3. The Night You Hung the Moon [M. Clayberg] 3:32
4. Calling My Children Home [Lawson/Waller/Yates] 2:50
5. Old Yeller Dog [traditional] 2:25
6. The Storm [C. Fox, M. Clayberg] 3:35
7. A Tale of the Week [R. Clayberg] 3:19
8. Same Old Day [C. Fox, M. Clayberg] 2:58
9. Wayfaring Stranger [traditional] 4:06
10. Red Eye Home [B. Hardesty] 2:59
11. Glory Land [traditional] 2:31
12. Tombigbee Waltz/High Up on Tug [traditional] 3:09
13. Darlin’ Corey [traditional] 3:16
14. The Longest Train [traditional] 4:34
15. But You Don’t Love Me [M. Clayberg, B. Hardesty] 4:05
16. The Seventh Day [C. Fox] 3:07
17. Wither’s Rocking Hymn [traditional] 4:39

All original songs were written by members of Dead Men’s Hollow with the following two exceptions: “Calling My Children Home” (Fauquier Music, BMI / ZAP Publishing Co., BMI) and “A Tale of the Week” (Dr. R. P. Clayberg).

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Recording: “Two-Timin'” was engineered, produced and mixed by Chris Murphy of RHL Audio both in Studio DCue Recording Studios in Falls Church, VA (track 17) and at “home” in Clifton, VA (tracks 1-16). Mr. Murphy has 30 years of recording experience and counts the Discovery Channel, Disney and Fox as clients. 

Mastering: The CD was mastered by GRAMMY winner Charlie Pilzer at Airshow in Springfield, VA. Mr. Pilzer won his award re-mastering “The Anthology of American Folk Music” for Smithsonian Folkways in 1997.

Guests: Dan Mazer played banjo on tracks 2, 7 and 11 and Ron Goad joined us for our “Angel Band”. The rest is us with one track each per voice or instrument.