Death Must Be a Woman


Released: Sept. 16, 2008

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For Dead Men’s Hollow, “Death Must Be a Woman”, is a journey home. This third release is centered on telling the story of our nation’s capital from its early founding to modern day. The CD has fourteen original tracks—written by band members—and one traditional instrumental, all of which weave together timeless stories of love, war, loss, and the complexities of contemporary life.

Stylistically, the songs present music representative of each time period: from early modal melodies to bluegrass and the blues. As with our first two releases, we once again focus on angelic harmonies, first-class musicianship, and unique songwriting. By telling the story of our nation’s capital, “Death Must Be a Woman” tells the story of America..

Track Listing:

1. Ballad of Dead Men’s Hollow [M. Cochran] 5:04
2. Death Must Be A Woman [M. Clayberg] 3:45
3. Don’t Break My Heart [C. Fox / M. Clayberg] 2:50
4. Until The End of Time [C. Fox] 4:21
5. Honeysuckle Dew [B. Hardesty] 4:24
6. Bonaparte’s Retreat [trad.] 3:37
7. My Love Returned from War Today [B. Hardesty] 3:09
8. Just One Man [C. Fox] 3:34
9. Marianne [C. Fox / M. Clayberg] 3:07
10. Ain’t Got the Blues [M. Clayberg] 3:07
11. Difficult Run [M. Cochran] 3:17
12. William and Annie [C. Fox] 3:10
13. Soldier’s Return/Martha’s Reel [M. Clayberg / M. Cochran] 5:12
14. John Doe’s Bones [M. Clayberg / A. Nazarov] 4:58

All original songs were written by members of Dead Men’s Hollow.

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Awards: “Death Must Be a Woman” earned one 2008 Washington Area Music Association “Wammie” award:

  • Best Bluegrass Recording

  • Credits

    Recording: “Death Must Be a Woman” was engineered, produced and mixed by Chris Murphy of RHL Audio entirely at “home” in Clifton, Virginia. Mr. Murphy has 30 years of recording experience and counts the Discovery Channel, Disney and Fox as clients.

    Mastering: The CD was mastered by GRAMMY winner Charlie Pilzer at Airshow in Springfield, Virginia. Mr. Pilzer won his award re-mastering “The Anthology of American Folk Music” for Smithsonian Folkways in 1997.