Taping/Trading Policy

We permit and encourage NON-COMMERCIAL audio recording from the audience at almost every live performance as long as the recording is made for personal use and/or trading. Video and still photography are likewise permitted unless prohibited by the venue.

Although we do expressly permit recording, if we are performing at a festival or other venue featuring multiple bands, the event’s or venue’s taping policy may override our taping policy. Likewise, if we are opening for another artist, that headliner’s taping policy may override ours. Please respect these exceptions.

All recording is limited to taping from the audience. Soundboard patches are available only at the sound person’s discretion. Please bring batteries for your recording equipment and don’t ask for power feeds.

We encourage you to post your recordings to trading websites such as archive.org, etree.org and bluegrassbox.com as we believe this can introduce an enthusiastic, energetic audience to our music.

If you have any questions, you can reach us through the Contact page.