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Dead Men’s Hollow
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12 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Hello, I heard your band during Memorial Day Weekend when they performed at Sky Meadows State Park.

    How do I go about puchasing a CD? I loved the song, “Working Girl Blues” and would LOVE to have the CD.

    Trish Bunton

    • Hi Trish,
      So glad you enjoyed our Sky Meadows show! Thanks for looking us up and commenting. To answer your questions, we have not recorded Working Girl Blues, but we may do so at some point in the distant future. At the moment we are working on a Christmas CD which we hope to have in hand by mid-autumn. In the meantime, our current and previous cds are available at as well as on itunes. Just FYI, too, we’ll be back in that neck of the woods for a gig Sept. 4th at the Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplaine, VA. Hope to see you at another gig sometime! -Marcy

  2. Charlotte Abney

    Hi. Been missing your concerts. When will you start performing again?

    • We are playing in Delaplane, Virginia, at the Barrel Oak Winery Labor Day weekend We are also recording new CD that is keeping us off the stage for a few weeks. We hope to see you soon!

  3. Hi Marcy, It was great meeting you and playing at Jim J’s SAW song circle yesterday (9/25), I wish I could have stuck around a bit longer to play some old fiddle tunes with you! peace and best of luck in your musical endeavors!

  4. Just came across your band tonight in doing a search for some tunes. Great version of “Bonaparte’s Retreat” on your “Death Must Be a Woman” album.

    Just wondering what type of cross-tuning (I’m assuming) you’re using on “Bonaparte’s Retreat”? Thanks. All the best.

  5. Upon listening a couple more times, it has to be GGAD, same tuning Bruce Molsky uses on “Washington’s March,” a tune similar to the traditional “Bonaparte’s Retreat.” Yours is the best (almost modal-sounding) version of “Bonaparte’s Retreat” I’ve ever heard. Absolutely terrific.

    • Meant DDAD.

      • Hi Dan! Apologies for the belated response… (the members of DMH are now all back from summer hiatus and back to the business of making music again ; ). Thanks so much for your compliments on our Bonaparte’s Retreat, so glad you like it. You are absolutely right about the DDAD tuning, also sometimes referred to as dead man’s tuning (no relation to DMH, but a fun coincidence…). It has always reminded me a bit of bagpipes because of the way the low string drones. If you like our version, be sure to listen to the one that inspired it: John Hartford’s rendition on his tribute album to Ed Haley, “Speed of the Old Longbow,” one of my favorite albums of all time. I think you would enjoy that whole album. All the best back ‘atcha, and thanks for making my day! -Marcy

  6. Greetings Folks,

    I host a Bluegrass/Old Time radio show, “Back Up and Push,” on WTJU in Charlottesville, Va. If you could send the station your CD’s, I would love to give them some airplay.

    Thanks, and I hope to catch a live performance of Dead Men’s Hollow sometime.

    Annette Kastner

  7. Thanks! I will send something along, Annette! Gonna go find your station on Facebook now.

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